Massachusetts Association of Housing Cooperatives

Protecting Residents, Solving Problems, and Expanding Opportunities

MAHC Board of Directors:

Jonathan Seward, President             (Community Design Partnership, Boston)  Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC)

Mathew Thall, Vice President         Fensgate Cooperative (, Boston  Fenway)

Isa Kaftal Zimmermann                   The Kenmore Tower (Boston  Kenmore Square ) 

Hyam Kramer, Treasurer                 Jamaicaway Tower and Townhouses (Boston  Jamaica Plain)

Harold I. Pratt, Clerk 1010 Memorial Drive, (Cambridge)

Theresa Gallagher   Batavia Cooperative,( Boston, Fenway)

Paul Vermouth      Park View Cooperative, (Cambridge)



MAHC currently has nineteen housing coops as dues paying members in Boston and Cambridge, and is actively seeking additional members across the Commonwealth.

Our member coops currently amount to nearly one thousand apartments, and well over one thousand residents.

MAHC seeks to represent the interests of the hundreds of housing cooperatives spread across Massachusetts, their thousands of residents, and to help many more coops to be founded and flourish.