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Member Coop Information Form

Housing Cooperative Name:        

                                 Additional Name (also known as):

                                 Legal Structure:  (e.g. corporation under MGL Chapter 157B, MGL Ch 180, LLC



Address                Number & Street:


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Board President

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Coop size:    # of Apartments or Units:

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                                # of Buildings:

                               Residential area, in sf:

                                Size of Property (in Square Footage or Acres):

                                Current Assessed Valuation of property

                                Annual Operating Budget:


 Date Founded:

 Coop Type  (Check all that apply):

____  Limited Equity                                 ____     artist live-work    

_____ Market rate co-op                         ____Manufactured housing ( ROC)

                                                                      ____  senior/retirement community/NORC

                                                                      ____ student

                                                                      ____ mixed income/affordable through govt. assistance

                                                                       ___  Group house

                                                                       ___  Other( specify)_______________________       


 Coop Issues and/or Interests:




 Can MAHC make reference to your coop in our work?  Y/N


 Can MAHC make reference to your coop on our website and materials? Y/N


Can MAHC provide basic information about your  co-op on our website and materials (such as   location, number of units, type of co-op, etc.)  Y/N

Can MAHC  link to your website (if you have one) from  our website?  Y/N

Will you be able to inform your members about MAHC’s  activities and efforts? Y/N

If you have any written information about your cooperative, please send it along with your membership application



 Thank you.  Please be in touch to discuss any questions or concerns.


Please send this form and membership check* (Payable to Mass. Assoc. of Housing Cooperatives) to:  Hyam Kramer, Treasurer,  MAHC

111 Perkins Street,  Suite 253,  Boston,  MA    02130-4338

*ANNUAL DUES are $5 per housing unit

 Email:         Tel.  617230 - 5161