The Massachusetts Association of Housing Cooperatives is an organization of Massachusetts housing cooperatives, providers of resources and assistance to co-ops, policy makers, housing advocates, and individuals and organizations that embrace the principles of Cooperative enterprises.

We work to support a wide variety of existing housing co-ops and promote the establishment of new housing cooperatives. MAHC is building a network of financial, legal, and operational property management resources that will provide a solid base of support to housing cooperatives and insure best practices and responsible, accountable democratic management. We work with state and local governments and other stakeholders and allied organizations to advance policies and legislation to expand cooperative housing options in Massachusetts.


We’re migrating the website from the old host this weekend. This is our new website host.

Update: We seem to be mostly done. There may be some bits and pieces to fix but we’ll just wait for the internet to get the word there’s a new nameservers for our domain. That can take awhile.