More About the MAHC

MAHC is a not-for-profit “Section 501(c)(6) organization” which seeks membership from ALL branches of the housing cooperative community such as market rate cooperatives, artists’ cooperatives, and limited equity cooperatives. Allied nonprofits, businesses, individuals, and professionals with an interest in supporting cooperatives can join as associate members and support the mission of the organization.

MAHC is working to build a network of financial, legal, and operational property management resources that will provide a solid base to support a growing number of housing cooperatives and insure best practices and responsible, accountable democratic management.

A Board elected annually by the cooperative members and meets on a monthly basis to further those goals by:

  • Working with local and state governments to remove obstacles and encourage the formation of housing cooperatives,
  • Educate the general public and elected officials of the value of housing cooperatives to stabilize neighborhoods and maintain affordable housing for the long term,
  • Build skills on Cooperative Boards to effectively manage their properties, deal with internal conflicts, and work with vendors and other stakeholders.
  • Create a network of resources and best practices that cooperatives can utilize to improve the operations.

History of MAHC

MAHC was formed in 2014 to oppose legislation which would have restricted housing cooperatives, requiring them to comply with rules that burden no other form of housing. We were successful but the campaign was difficult.